Sabolon Kecil and Sabolon Besar Islands:
Both 02 islands is one of the best snorkeling islands in Indonesia, its located just north part of Labuan Bajo, about 1.5 hours by local boat. The islands is inhabitant, no one lived on the islands but Goats.

Both islands has small beach but the underwater is SPECTACULAR, its best for even for diving, a lot of fishes and the coral reefs is healthy. The drop off reefs is the best part to snorkeling on this island.

The best season to come to this island is from April to December, January to March is difficult to travel due to big waves and strong current.

The Diving and Snorkeling:
Sabolon kecil a slope on the east side of this tiny island, with two underwater mounds at the southern end with fields of garden eels and sea pens, schools of round bat fish are often seen coming quite close for some nice photography.

Sabolon Besar steep slopes off the southern and western sides of the bigger island, fabulous coral coverage and a good chance of spotting Scorpion leaf fish.
Sebayur kecil walls and slopes of every kind of coral you can imagine, wide variety of marine life to be seen at this site, mantas often seen.


– WATER TEMPERATURE: 20 – 28 Degrees Celsius (68-85 F) , cooler water is experienced on the southern sites. Full 3mm wetsuit & hood is recommended. More active people will prefer a sports suit in northern sites.

– VISIBILITY: 10 – 50M year round. Traditionally clearer water on northern sites.

– CURRENT: SABOLON experiences a strong tidal flow. Not all sites are affected by current. Drift diving is excellent, however during spring tides some sites are impossible to dive. Particular attention is placed on diving the correct sites at the most suitable time to ensure optimum conditions, in accordance with the preferences of the group.

– NIGHT DIVING: The night diving in SABOLON is breathtaking. The sheer beauty, color and diversity of life makes it a must see for all divers.

– WALLS: There are numerous walls to choose from. Both drift and static wall dives are offered.

– CANYONS: Huge chasms drop thousands of meters, fringed by extraordinary coral gardens.

– CRITTERS: Found in all locations, however we do offer special sites for encountering unusual marine species.

– OTHERS: Seamounts, fringing reefs, gutters, muck, and sandy locations are also found in the archipelago.