Sumbawa is the largest island of the province of W. Nusa Tenggara and home to Tambora volcano. In 1815 a cataclysmic eruption sent 150 cubic km of ash up into the atmosphere, enough to lower global temperatures. The following year was known as ‘the year without a summer’ and snow fell on London in 1816.

Wera is one of the few boat building villages in the world where traditional wooden boats are still built without blueprints using only hand tools and made entirely of wood including the nails. No metal is used other than the keel!

On shore were at least 6 huge monster wooden hulls covered in thatch. Each boat was at least 70feet long with a 20 foot beam. Three traditional wooden boats in various stages of construction.

We were greeted on shore by naked village children and walked across a very polluted beach for a closer look under the boats. All holes are hand drilled then wooden pegs hammered in through the planking and attach to the ribs inside.
Wera beach can reach about three hours, before eventually circle back to the starting point. Beaches in this the area Wara, Kabupaten Bima, really still natural.

Wera Village is a Buginese settlement and famous for its boatbuilding. On the beach we see the manufacturing of several boats in various stages of construction and this is the way our boat “Katharina” was built in 1998. Needless to say that everything is made manually. Absolutly amazing!